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Clarity Unearthed


As a life coach I look forward to partnering with you to discover your path forward, clear the obstacles blocking your path, and create the forward momentum to sustain your journey.

Together we will discover your path forward



I Enjoy working with

Women Seeking a Path Forward

I partner with Women who feel unseen, to help them discover and achieve their inner desires on the path to leading a more meaningful life. We will discuss questions like, "when is the last time you tried something new", "what is stopping you", "what are the obstacles in your path". We will take the journey together to find your sustainable path forward. 


Those seeking to Integrate plant medicine experiences

I partner with individuals who are seeking to integrate their plant medicine journeys.
Integration is the most important part of the journey and together we will open the path for integration to take place and to ensure your journey becomes a lasting part of your day-to-day life.

Special Needs Families

I partner with families to help them find the path forward with their special needs child. I partner with families to find the resources they need, to work through the grief, and to better understand the path forward. We will address things like, "what do I do now that my child has a diagnosis", "how do we plan for the future", "what services will we need? You will have me as a partner on this journey forward.

Individuals/Couples Considering Adoption

I partner with individuals who are considering adoption to understand their options and what adoption means to their family and the child they may adopt. We will consider questions such as, "what are my options", "what will my family look like", "how do I make sure we are building a life that is in the best interest of a child"? Together we will discover the answers to your questions on the path to creating a family. 

Hi, I'm Jill

I am a Master certified life coach in the Seattle area dedicated to partnering with my clients to unearth their true goals and desires.

I have worked in the adoption/therapy field for over 20 years and a number of years ago felt a calling to begin working with individuals in a more holistic way. Becoming a Master Certified Life Coach added the tools I needed to make my calling a reality.

I feel passionate about partnering with clients on their path of discovery. Each of us holds the key to our best selves and often having someone walk beside us aides in clearing the path to discovering our best selves. 

I am excited to walk with you along your path and to help you see the value of investing in yourself. I will bring my years of practice and unique blend of humor, creativity, and compassion to your journey. I promise, the journey will never be boring…


"Jill Changed my life! I was in the midst of a transition and feeling stuck and unsure about what I needed. Jill was warm, supportive, and skilled in guiding and empowering me to find my own answers and clarity about how I was feeling and how to best help myself."
Spring H.
"As a therapist have always wondering about the utility of coaching and whether or not I could truly benefit from this kind of approach. After meeting with Jill, I am a convert. I have some big life choices to make and was in a great deal of conflict. In one session with Jill, I was able to articulate clear goals, concrete steps to achieve them, and had a feeling of lightness and peace about what was in store for me. Thank you Jill!"
Katie S.